Nyma Tang on instagram stories just now explaining taking down her 1 million subscriber video. I'm wholly inclined to forget the whole thing assuming it never happens again. While I do have a difficult time with understanding how she didn’t know about what KVD has said and done, I’m glad she responded so quickly and made tangible steps to address it. Nyma Tang via https://www.instagram.com Dialah Nyma Tang, beauty vlogger berkulit gelap eksotis yang kian jadi perbincangan publik. Nyma Tang gave a helpful yet unpopular opinion about the Trophy Wife highlighter from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. If there were a lot of discussion of it, she might have even preferred to take it down for her own sake. Faye In The City 915,880 views Hydarting Serum: http://rstyle.me/~9VlpZe.l.f. ❤️Nyma(nee-ma)Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCroDJPcFCf6DBmHns6Xeb8g/featured----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Products Used: Face: e.l.f. Yes, I have to say I agree. Rita Dominic Mpho Tsila Sophiology Nyma Tang Bola Edun Kitan Akinniraye Oumy Ndiaye Nikita Baffour Eki Ogunbor Dodos Itegboje i don't get all this drama. I don't consider myself out of the loop either. I had absolutely zero clue about the Huda/ Beauty Bakery scandal while it was big and all over the place. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. I found out after I recommended her dessert dusk palette on makeupaddiction and got downvoted into Oblivion. Blush Palette \"Dark\" http://rstyle.me/~9Vlk4Ben Nye \"Beard Stipple\" https://goo.gl/Q6jUqCAmuse \"Deep Dust\"RCMA \"No Color Powder\" http://rstyle.me/~9Vlnde.l.f. Nyma Tang Nyma Tang attends the launch Of Uoma Beauty. Hey guys, we’ve decided to approve this post as Nyma deserves to have her decision visible. From the continent and the diaspora (via Instagram) and in no particular order, see our top beauty looks this week. There's no true ethics in our capitalist system. You would think she would want to do a quick search on the topic after all the backlash before posting...that. Because the best apology is actions changed to prevent a repeat scenario. Was. She advocates for Don't forget to subscribe! 69.3K Followers, 125 Following. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BeautyGuruChatter community, A subreddit to discuss beauty influencers, makeup artists, brand owners, and celebrities beauty and makeup content! What did the comment section look like? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Twenty-eight-year-old Nyma Tang made a name for herself on YouTube with her hit series "The Darkest Shade" but there is way more to this rising beauty vlogger than meets the eye. Rita Dominic Mpho Tsila Sophiology Nyma Tang Bola … Before she took the video down she posted this comment (via u/glossandfloss). Eyes: @anastasiabeverlyhills Norvina Vol 2 Palette Lips: @sc Lip…” I’m just confused about the “a lot of it is a morals thing for me” comment. 29k Likes, 477 Comments - Nyma Tang (@nymatang) on Instagram: “So mad I can’t remember what this lip combo was!” she blended up … A post shared by Nyma (@nymatang) on Jun 29, 2017 at 4:22pm PDT In a sea full of beauty reviews, product swatches, and PR unboxings, Nyma Tang stands out. I’m creating my own custom lipstick shade with @maccosmetics (I can’t believe I’m even…” Removing this would just not be fair to nyma as she has taken the video off. I thought she said it was very ashy and that the shades were disappointing? This week, these 10 women put their best face forward, delivering hair and makeup looks that gave us major inspo. Beauty Influencer Nyma Tang does something a little different in this video – showing us her fall picks from influencer fave Fabletics. I really feel like she absolutely knew but didn’t expect the backlash to be so bad, and honestly I feel like it wouldn’t have been if she hadn’t picked and chosen who she didn’t want to support in what I felt like was a pretty arbitrary way. EPIC!!!!!! Hey guys, This is my Instagram Baddie makeup look. Do you guys feel pulling the video and/or editing KatvonD out because she wasn't aware is enough remedy for the situation or do you think she needs to make a public post addressing it less vaguely? people need to re-learn to step back and let go and not perpetuate drama all.the.time. In her YouTube series called "The Darkest Shade," Nyma Tang reviews the darkest shades of makeup available to show how they look on deeper skin tones. While I am surprised that anyone missed the KatvonD drama, I'm glad she's reacted quickly. https://goo.gl/mjdsmw Hey loves, Welcome to the final day of this five days of the darkest shade series week! It Seems that you've reached your limit on how many you can Instagram: Nyma Tang Snapchat : nyma22 Twitter: NymaTang Facebook: NymaTang22 Business Email: business@nymatang.com I collabed with Melanin Rich! If she had used it without the talk about brands she didn't support not being in the video, it would have probably been glossed over. Baked Highlight and Bonzer \"Bronze Glow\"e.l.f. I don’t think she was trying to make a statement about the brands she was including so much as the brands she was not including. All are welcome! 15. Then reiterates that it was a mistake and she doesn't want it overshadowing the video which was meant to be a celebration. These things happen sometimes and it's easy to assign malice to things when you are only seeing it from one side. I knew KVD was anti-vaxx, so anytime someone brought her up as problematic I skipped over their comments because while I’m pro-vaccines, I get sick of the debate in all of the mom groups. She didn't mention the brand by name or elaborate on why she shouldn't have included it and goes on to say she will pick a contest winner from those who have already submitted.